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I plan on building a system next month (budget) and was contemplating re-using an old ide 250gb seagate drive as the prices are outrageous at the time being. Just wondering if you guys think this is wise or should I just bite the bullet and go for a new sata drive.
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  1. the speed will be a little slow on boot and loading but i would clench the wallet and wait it out.
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    few [ if any] new motherboards have IDE connectors .

    You would need a controller card . Is it still a saving?
  3. ^Fair enough, I guess I will go ahead with the new drive. I just feel like kicking myself for not picking up a drive when I had the chance.
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    You could get an adaptor that would convert the ide to sata and then you could use it with your new motherboard.
    You could also consider getting an SSD to load the OS onto and use the old hdd for storage.
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