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I honestly Dont think I am going to upgrade. I play most games on xbox 360 now anyways. seems like games are coding for xbox 360 nowadays and I am sick of playing MUSICAL Graphics cards every year or two. Direct X bullcrap gets old. I also came to realize something... My XFX GeForce GTX 260 (Core 216) Pre-Overclocked Special Black Edition... Is actually a great card. I dont care about DirectX 11 and tessellation stuff... I care about gameplay and resolution (1080p)

After learning that GTX 400/500 series cards arent that much of an upgrade unless you WANT DirectX 11/tessellation support/SM 5.0 support too... I think i will just keep my (700Mhz CORE/1500Mhz SHADER/1200MHZ Memory) Overclocked GTX 260 XFX black edition CORE 216. I overclocked that baby even further than XFX pre-overclocked settings. Most games NEW/Current and older Look good and perform well on that card... It has a 448 bit memory bus. and its really close to 1024 MB. of Video memory too. It has 28 ROP(s) too thats only 4 less then GTX 560/460 series. Even though the CUDA shaders are a lower count by TODAYS standards... 216 CUDA cores Isnt that bad. I dont use alot of AA anyways. I have run any game I WANT at 1920x1080 at High/Highest settings no problem. some games even allow LOTS of AA with no performance drops! The Unreal 3 engine is amazing :D anyways I digress.

I dont think I am going to upgrade for awhile... In combination with my : i7 2600K 3.4 Ghz/ 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 Memory/Win 7 64 bit architecture... The XFX GTX 260 Core 216 OC will have ALOT of help with Frames per second and speed bottle-necking. Also the card uses roughly 180-200 Watts of power. thats kinda high compared to a GTX 460/560 but... it isnt the Power monster of the GTX 280 card. and this card performs about ON PAR with it when Overclocked...

I spent 3 days looking at the PROS and CONS.
- Bottle line this card is not slow at all... Just limited to DX 10 features and old tech standards for AA and such...

I saw a guy on youtube playing METRO 2033 with 40-30 frames a sec.

he had a 4 Core AMD CPU (Stock speeds)
EVGA GTX 260 core 216 Overclocked edtion
4 GB of DDR2 memory
Win 7 64 bit.

He had Metro 2033 running GOOD... It was on HIGH settings/Ambient Occlusion/Post processing/etc... 1920x1080 (1080p resolution) 4X AF and had AA enable thru NVIDA control panel at like 4X or 2X. Vsync - On and Tripple buffer On to improve performance too... His video is recorded with FRAPS so it runs about 20-30 frames. but w/o FRAPS he gets 40-mid 30's per sec!

If this guy can run metro 2033 at those settings... I think my i7 2600K and XFX GTX 260 OC core 216 black edition will be more than enough to play with similar results.

Shattered Horizion is a monster of a demanding game too! I probably have to run that game on Medium/High settings in either 1080p/720p with minimal AA filtering and AF filtering.

Let me know if you guys agree! :D I dont feel like spending 170-200 bucks for DX 11 and tessellation support and a 8-10 frames per second performance increase! I would say that PAIRED with an i7 2600K and 8GB. of DDR3 memory a GTX 260 core 216 OC'ed would be just fine UNLESS YOU HAD TO HAVE EYECANDY and Ubber Details! right? ;)
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    i agree, I had two 260's running in SLI before i upgraded....damn those were mighty fine cards. They eventually burned out, so I just went for a mid-range card, but I totally agree with you here.
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  3. So should I upgrade to an ASUS GTX 465 with hopes of flashing it to a GTX 470? or possibly unlocking its FULL 448 Cuda cores? its kind of a gamble... to falsh it you need the 10 memory chip version. but ASUS offically made a unlock patch to give thier version of the GTX 465 THE FULL 448 Cuda cores. whats you advice?
  4. If you know how to safely OC, go for it. It's really good, but I prefer the AMD side of things if you are trying to get a 470's performance, but you seem to be a die had nVIDIA fan, so like I said, go for it. It's got good benchmarks, nice OCing ability and can run most games today.
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