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Alright well I have all the parts together and W7 is installed. But I need the drivers.

I am confused on one thing though.

I know I need a driver for the "chipset" but does it mean the onboard graphics chipset or something else?

I'm almsot done. These are the last things I need.

Please help

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  1. whats the make of motherboard and model number?

    the chipset drivers allow your motherboard to fully work--in the same way graphics drivers do for your graphics chip/card
  2. they should be on disk with the mobo.
  3. its a MSI 760GM-E51

    As for the disk, i have it. But I want the updated version of the drivers.

    I'm following this video:

    If the link doesnt work, then on Youtube search:
    Newegg TV: How To Build a Computer - Part 3 - Installing Windows & Finishing Touches

    In the Video, all he gets of the Mobo disk is the LAN Driver for web connection and he downloads the latest "chipset" from the manufacturer website.

    But when I go to the MSI webpage, I dont see "chipsrt" I see:

    ATI System Drivers for 7xx/8xx/SB7xx/SB8xx Series (except RS690, 740)

    Are those the chipsets?

    I found out he was talking about the North and South Bridges

    MSI Site:

    (if it doesnt work then just find the drivers on the MSI website)
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    ATI System Drivers for 7xx/8xx/SB7xx/SB8xx Series (except RS690, 740)

    they are the ones
  5. Thank you!
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  7. you are welcome :D
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