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Hello, i have recently gotten a chance to get an original antec 900 case for 80 bucks canadian, but my question is whether or not it will still work well in a new build with cpu overclocking, and if it will provide enough room, airflow, features etc. to still be useful
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  1. The only thing that case doesn't supply is cable management. Mine even has the holes for water cooling if I so desired it. Plenty of air-flow in the 900.
  2. oh, so what did u do for your cables??
  3. I shoved what I could behind the motherboard, but it still looks like Medusa's head in there. Sata cables and cooling fan wires I tried to zip tie to the frames. It's still a mess.
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    This guy modded the case so the cables would work better, but it gives you an idea with the problems with the case.
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  6. Thanks alot :D :D :D
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