[HELP]Looking for Motherboard not for overclocking


I'm building a system. I was originally looking at a few asus boards

ASUS P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT​ LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

2) Maximus Extreme V ..

and I also sow a few Gygabite. (ASRock is fine too...)

FOr example Tiger m3 from gygabite has a great price and it seems that i can use two gpu cards but I'm not sure if it has the multi-gpu technology

What do I need?
I need a motherboard that is modern, that it will take a 3770 intel i7 (or something around there) , with a possibility to go up to at least 32GB (in the initial setup I may only have 16gb) , that has all the new standard stuff like usb 3.0 and so on... Thunderboald is nice but not required.

What is most important is that it can take two nvidia graphics cards and use some of the technology found in the extreme for example. Multi-GPU Technology, for example
Supports NVIDIA® SLI™ Technology
Supports AMD 3-Way CrossFireX™ Technology
Supports AMD CrossFireX™ Technology
Supports LucidLogix® Virtu™ MVP Technology *1

Now... what am I not going to do ?

I will not overclock.
I will not use FULL TOWER (just mid-size)

What would I do?

I will push the max that I can with the resources that I have OpenGL Instructions for Computer Graphics and also Multi-GPU computing.
Please note that I don't mean MAYA or 3DMax. I'm talking about real-time graphics... like a game. The only difference is that I'm not playing games with the computer.
It is a development machine for graphics related work that I do.

I don't want to over spend in the board because I want to save the most that I can for the video cards (GeForce)

I want the best motherboard(s) that I can use for what I'm looking for. However, the overclocking features I don't need. Of course, if it is there, is fine but I will not use them.

Another question. I see Z77 seems to be most popular chipset for mb used in gaming pc? why is this? what about the other ones?

THank you
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    You better go with a x79 boar as you will be using it for game development and stuff you'll need the benefits of quad channel. X79 chipsets also support some sandy bridge processors and all ivy bridge processors.
    Maximus extreme V is a great board if you are sticking to Z77 go with this board.
    If you want to go with a x79 board get a ASUS rampage iv. It has 3 models ranging from $280 -$430. The $430 is the best as you'll be paying for it.
    Gigabyte X79 UP4 $260 really good for the price.
  2. Thank you so much... THe x79 comments has made me rethink which board and cpu to get. That was very helpful.

    Thank you.
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  4. blues76 said:
    Thank you so much... THe x79 comments has made me rethink which board and cpu to get. That was very helpful.

    Thank you.

    The processor you previously selected 3770 is supported by the x79 boards.
  5. thanks!
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