When playing wow.. screen goes black

so my old graphics card crash and i bought a new one(nvidia geforce 210) and well my screen would be good at some area but in major cities i would crash.. make my screen go black but yet everything in the background would be good... i know it has to do something with the game because it only happens when i play that game and that game will freeze.. some of the game screen would turn pinkish and then screen would turn black.... i dont know what to do.. and please can you help me.

ohh and the temp of the game card stays at 45-49 and i got a pcie x16 1.1 but the video card is a 2.0 i was told that is ok to use on my computer still.
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  1. Hi there, try posting more info about your system so we can help you, like processor, ram, os, power supply, motherboard.

    Also, check out this page, maybe it can help you narrow down the problem:

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