Pci express video card on a p5ql motherboard

I have installed a PCI Express Video Card DDR2 on my mother board p5ql however when I turn the system on my monitor still stays in like Analog mode (sleep mode)
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  1. More system info please, What gpu, what psu etc.
  2. Intel Dual Core E8200 with Fan
    Asus MS AS-P5K-SEEPU
    2G Ram
    Seagate 250G Hard Drive 7200RPM
    Antec Case with 500 Watts
    This is all the information I have on my system
  3. What is that DDR2 card exactly?
    Try re-seat the card and turn on your PC again...
  4. To be honest I do not know what the DDR2 Card is exactly this was a pre-built desktop from the college i was attending
  5. What's the message you get on the screen? Open your box and have a listen if you can hear the pc booting by listening to your hdd. If they're not spinning then check the power to your pc. A no input message on the screen normally means the cpu ain't coming on
  6. The fan's and everything turn on and boots fine though the screen turns right back off like the wires that attach to the motherboard from the power supply are not connected properly
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