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I just purchased a wireless bridge to connect an array of devices around a TV, including a Xbox 360 and a Blu-Ray Player.

I set it up using the WPS system on my wireless router and the bridge itself, it connected just fine to the wireless router and the home network. All fine so far, but when I try to connect to Netflix on the Blu-Ray or Xbox Live it does not receive connection to the internet. I have tried it on my PC, and It shows the network fine, but No internet connection.

I can't load webpages or get any internet activity. When running the windows Diagnoses it said it could not communicate with the primary DNS.

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  1. One problem you might have run into is that Linksys usually uses and Dlink uses IP schemes.

    I would do a manual configuration of the Dlink.

    I would set both the Linksys and Dlink to use G wireless only and use WPA2
  2. I am great with computers but not so much network, do you know of a guide on how to do this or can you tell me how to?

    Can't explain why, but I can connect to my linksys router no problem using the linksys ip. When I try to connect to my D-Link one I can not connecting using the method told in my install guide and the IP. I have connected it Directly to my computer and still can't access it, what should I Try?
  3. you will have to refer to the manuals for how to connect and log into the devices.

    basically these are the steps you have to complete:

    start with the Linksys. Log in and go to the wireless settings and set it to G only network. Then set the security to WPA2 and enter a password.

    next set the Dlink to Bridge via the switch and log in. set the IP to the IP scheme the Linksys is using and set the last number to 254.

    Now set up the wireless to G only mode. then match the wireless security to WPA2 and use the same password.
  4. Quote:
    next set the Dlink to Bridge via the switch and log in. set the IP to the IP scheme the Linksys is using and set the last number to 254.

    When you say that do you mean the same IP as the local IP in the linksys router, which currently ends in 89 should I make it 254
  5. Still cannot connect to the D-Link Bridge I have tried having it connected to my network then accessing it, and also plugging the Ethernet right into my computer. I type in the http://dlinkap and also have tried the IP told to use.
  6. reset your Dlink by pressing the Reset button for 30sec.

    it will set the IP to

    make sure it is NOT connected to you network via network cable.
    connect a PC via network cable.

    This is according to the manual:

    login and click Launch Wireless Setup Wizard and click Next on the Device Name screen.

    set the new password for the device.

    choose Manual as a Configuration Method.

    On the Set Wireless Network Name click on Site Survey.

    connect to your SSID of your router and choose the Security Mode that you use on your router. Personally I prefer WPA2

    enter the wireless security password and click Next

    Finally you will need to change the Static IP from to and click Save Settings
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