Motherboard for 7970CF

Well, the title says all, I'm building(upgrading, but since i'm changing everything apart from the HDs and case its a new PC)
I ordered two 7970s today, to handle my eyefinity setup until 2014 atleast. I'm already sure about my new processor(which I will buy along with the MOBO), which will be a i7 3770K. Now, when It comes to the MOBO, I need something with the following attributes:
-Atleast two(but will probably be 4) PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots
-Good voltage controls, if I have to overclock the system down the road
-4 Mem slots, I usually use two sticks, but I might want to add more in the future.
-Z77 Chipset

I'm not looking for something like the RAMPAGE IV EXTREME, I just want a GOOD 150-300 Mobo, that won't give me headaches in the future, and that can use my two GPUs effectivelly.

Anyway, I'll post the Specs I'm looking forward to:
i7 3770 3.5GHz(May overclock in the future)
2x HD 7970 3GB - CrossfireX
8GB of DDR3 Memories - (HyperX or Vengance, depends on what is available at the store when I buy)
256GB SSD(still haven't decided what brand, I'll pick up the one that they have there)
500GB 7200RPM Seagate
1.5TB storage drive - 5400RPM
Several Coolers(4-5), no water, just air.


PSU- I still haven't chose what will I get, apart that its going to be from Corsair - I'm thinking about the HX1050, which will be enough for my two GPUs or the AX1200i, but I think its not really worth it ($120+)

What do you guys think?
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  1. ASUS rampage iv is a x79 board if I am not mistaken.
    Z77 boards
    ASUS Maximus V formula
    Gigabyte G1.Sniper

    HX1050 will do fine no need to go for a 1200watts PSU.
  2. Just ordered the GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH (CLICK ME!) for my 3770k which has yet to arrive, watched a nice review on the product page done by Newegg and I have to say I love all the little things Gigabyte thought out when making this board. I like the idea it comes with dual thunderbolt ports and a dedicated PCI-E controller chip to not take away speed from the video cards when using other PCI-E devices such as the on board NIC or Audio chips. Check it out and hopefully this helps!

    I also would recommend going with 16GB of RAM just to do a little future proofing and have the ability to disable page file in windows without running out of physical RAM, Maximize performance a bit :D

    Good luck finding your dream board!

    Edit* With two high end PCI-E video cards your already maxing out the PCI-E 3.0 bus on the actually processor even if your board runs both slots at 8x/8x, Running 4 cards you won't be able to utilize the full power of the cards due to the limitations of the 3770k, you would need a socket 2011 CPU which has more PCI-E lanes.
  3. Last time I checked, the ASUS Maximus V formula has issues with the wifi adapter card that's included, causing the computer not able to boot.

    I have the Sabertooth Z77 and it's a rock solid board with 5 year warranty.

    You can also look at the AS Rock Z77 Extreme 4 or Extreme 6. Both are good boards for 3770k and CF.
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