Can I use my AMD athlon64x2 4000+ cpu in an am3 motherboard?

can I use my AMD Athlon 64x2 4000+ cpu in am am3 motherboard?
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  1. I dont see why not.
    CPU :

    It has a AM2 socket so it should be compatible. Though, it is not a great cpu =\

    But anyways, if your PSU is able to handle it,which is a likely chance, then it should work.

    Have a nice day.
  2. Check ur facts bloojays23

    Short Answer NO

    Long Answer

    AMD has confirmed that AM3 processors work on AM2/AM2+ motherboards. Thus users of Socket AM2/AM2+ motherboards will be able to upgrade to AM3 processors, without replacing the motherboard or memory; should the motherboard manufacturer provide the appropriate BIOS update.
    However, upgrading AM2/AM2+ processors to AM3 motherboards require the motherboard contains DDR2 SDRAM slots, because AM2/AM2+ processors lack the DDR3 memory controller. In addition, the CPU socket need to be a universal CPU socket design that can accept both AM2 and AM3 pin layouts, because two extra pins on the AM2/AM2+ processors and the change in contact placement (940 contacts for AM2/AM2+ processors, whereas 938 contacts for AM3 processors) makes the older processor mechanically incompatible with the reference new socket, preventing users from attempting to install an old chip on a non-compliant new board.
  3. Mybad i assumed his MB was like mines, where mines supports AM2/AM2+/AM3.

    Thanks for the lesson
  4. There are certain motherboards that will support sockets AM2,AM2+, and AM3. I'll link to one, however this board is limited to a 95 watt cpu, it can use ddr2 and ddr3 ram, but not both at the same time. You could migrate your system to a board like this, and in the future get an am3 cpu and ddr3 ram. The only problem with this is that most am3 cpu's are out of production, and I read somewhere that supplies in stock are only expected to last until this summer sometime. The PhenomII X4 out 955 which was very popular hasnt been available on Newwegg for about a couple of months, and saw on Ebay that they were going for about $100+, used. They went for as low as $120 new, so I dont think they will be real cheap even used once they are gone from retail.
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