Help choose compatible parts for my first budget desktop build.

i am planning to assemble a desktop( I have no component at all right now) using core i3 2100 and asus p8h61 m le mobo.I dont want usb 3.0,SSD or RAID,crossfire,slx.
I`ll be using pc for net surfing,watching movies,casual gaming,photoshop and coral draw.
My budget is 30000 rs in total.(without gpu)
I want to buy sapphire hd6850 or any good gpu under 10000rs AFTER 5-6 months.
I want to buy parts from cost to cost,nehru place,new delhi.
I want purchase either 24 or 22inch hd monitor of Benq.
After considering all the details plaese tell me the exact model avalaible at above mentioned shop for good psu (500w under 4000rs),cabinet (with space for gpu)
Will the gpu will fit the mobo i have selected?
My monitor will be of high resolution and mobo low resolution will there be any display problem,since i wont purchase gpu for next 6 months?
is it okay to get it assembled at the shop itself?
please help ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. To get an idea of his budget, 30000 rs translates to around $580 ish.
  2. Yes,its a tight.Anybody from India pls reply.
  3. Yes,its a tight.Anybody from India pls reply.
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