Asus boot problem crosshair v formula-z

I just built my first computer but after I start it, it it powers down without letting me get to the bios page
the motherboard is an asus crosshair v formula -z, and it shuts off after displaying f.f. I havent been able to figure out what that means the motherboards book says reserved for future

the processor is the fx 8350, I thought it was the bios at first but I updated them and the problem persists.
was able to get into the bios once. before i flashed it, dont know how.
the boot up screen that says press delete for the bios displays it just wont let me access it
Ive also tried moving the ram to different slots that didnt work.
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  1. Have you updated the bios?
    Piledriver CPUs need an update before it can be used.
    Update you bios then report back.
  2. already updated, now I think it might be something with the cpu fan or power supply
  3. sounds like it could be the psu, also have you checked the hd led, pwr +/-, reset +/- etc connections? maybe they arent connected properly? reference your mobo manual to double check, its happened to me a few times haha
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