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I am ordering the rest of the components tomarrow, I have a few questions to help me decide a few things. So far I have a cooler master haf 932 case, corsair 650w tx power supply, a 500g 7200rpm hard drive, and a 24inch 1980 x 1200 monitor. For a while I was thinking about getting an nvidia gtx580, and then a few months down the road upgrading my power supply, getting another 580 and two more monitors and doing the nvidia surround. Now I'm considering getting a 6950 instead, then a few months down the road adding another 6950 and two more monitors. I want to know if the 650w corsair is enough for two 6950's, I also want to know if I can eyefinity two monitors instead of three. I'm also curious about how 560ti's would stack up against 6950's for multi-monitor gaming. Are the 2gig 6950's superior for eyefinity? The rest of the build will be the i5 2500k processor, hyper 212 evo cooler, asus pro v gen 3 p8z68 mobo, 8g corsair vengence ram, 120g ocz vertex3 sata III SSD.
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  1. No 650w would be really really pushing the limits for Crossfire 6950's. 750w+ is recommended.

    2GB 6950 over 1GB 560Ti will not make a whole lot of difference in multi monitor gaming as people might think. TOMs hardware did an article recently comparing 1GB and 2GB cards over multiple screen sizes and the results were remarkably similar in that the 2GB added very little if any at all noticeable advantage. Especially running duel cards your going to be packing at least 2GB Video RAM anyway.
  2. +1 to the 750W PSU for CF/SLI
  3. I flip-flopped and ended up getting the msi lightning gtx 580. So if I want to game on multiple monitors with Nvidia surround, I'll need to get a bigger power supply and another 580. Would 850 watts be required for two 580's?
  4. 900w+ is the minimum recommended for SLI 580s. 1000w is generally what people go for once you add in some over-clocking ect your system will be drawing even more power. Its always nice to have some headroom.
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