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I got an hdmi cable (cause it was $3 on newegg) but forgot this graphics card has mini hdmi... then I realized.. my mobo has a hdmi port, so I plugged it in there. In all the years, I've never wondered or tested this: Can the graphics card still do all the processing if it's not the one connected ?
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    Nope, the processing will be done by your integrated graphics card.

    But are you sure it's a mini hdmi port and not a displayport on your GPU?
  2. yeah it's hdmi. That would be sad if there was a display port and no hdmi lol.

    so then my cpu is running everything ?
  3. Quote:
    so then my cpu is running everything ?

    Yes. Simple solution, buy an HDMI-mini to HDMI adapter. Get that smile back!
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