Gigabyte issues.

I've recently upgrade my pc. I have an 8 pin connector on my MB. My PSU, also has an 8 pin, but cause I have a full tower, it won't reach, no matter what. I've connected the 4 pin connector to the 8, and my PC booted. However, when running games that require use of the GFX card (games, windows experience index), my PC auto reboots itself.

Another issue. My old HDD doesn't show up, anywhere after installing my new ssd. Bios, Computer Management, nothing. Should it be plugged into a sata 6.0 gb, or a sata 3.0 gb? or is that even the issue?
500 gb HDD
120 GB SSD
550 Rosewill Powersupply.

1: should I buy an extention and get full use of all 8 pins?
2: Could the HDD be too old and need to be upgrade?
3: do I need to replace my Power supply?

Thanks ahead of time for the answers.
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  1. Hi,
    You can use an extension ,
    but depending on the graphics card, a new power supply might be needed
    What graphics card is installed?
  2. EVGA 660 FTW
  3. The card has 2 PCIe connections? Does the PSU provide 2 PCIe cables?
  4. PSU only has one, video card only has one.

    Fixed all issues EXCEPT the power one, I'm going to get an extension tomorrow to resolve my issues.
  5. noticed that your card requiring six-pin power for two. and if your PSU does not have six-pin connectors, you will need adapters.
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