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Help with PhysX and Radeon

So... I wan't to run Xfire 6950's on a board. Ok? Now I would like to have PhysX so could I use my spare GTX 550 Ti for a dedicated PhysX processor? Would it even work? If it did work, would it work well? And don't tell me to just get NVIDIA because Radeon out-performs NVIDIA easily. Any solutions? Comments? Anything?
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  1. Hi there! I've been looking into PhysX lately, while trying to decide between an Ati or a Nvidia card for my new system and I found that it is indeed possible to use an Ati card as your primary GPU and use a Nvidia card a PPU at the same time, what you need to do is to install some modified drivers. Check out this page:

    It looks like a pretty solid mod but you'll have to try it out yourself to decide if it works correctly.

    (This drivers are just the ones I found, there may be some other different solutions out there or a different page with more current versions, it's up to you to do some more research).
  2. Thanks, I've seen the ways to do it and I appreciate the link (This one seems better than others I've seen). I was wondering If you or anyone knows if you can run PhysX with a Radeon anyways? Like what will happen?
    Anyways Thanks man, It's just hard because most of the info I find on hybrid setups seem to be older, like at least 1 year old. So, It makes me wonder if that's an older solution to a old problem? That's why I was wondering if you can just use PhysX despite the card. Now I was also just thinking about running PhysX in the CPU. And in my new build I'll use AMD's bulldozer or maybe just wait till they fix the problems with it. That will make an easier setup (since I've heard Hybrid setups are a B**** to upgrade drivers since you have to like restart the setup every time) but probably won't run quite as well as the hybrid solution.
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    PhysX GPU acceleration only works on Nvidia cards, since it's implemented using CUDA. So, officially is not possible to use PhysX GPU acceleration with a Radeon card.

    What will happen if you try to run a PhysX game with a Radeon card? Well, it would work just fine but the extra eye candy from the physics effects from the GPU acceleration wouldn't be enabled, the other regular PhysX effects would be handled by the CPU.

    I haven't found a way to enable PhysX acceleration on a Radeon card, but a while ago it was possible to use specially modified drivers to use a Radeon card as a main GPU and add a second Nvidia card as a dedicated PhysX card, but a you mention many of this drivers are old and haven't been updated in a while. Maybe if you search the internet you could find a continuation to this mod.
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