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Does anyone use Folder Lock encryption software?

I downloaded a 5 day trial of their product. I made an encrypted "Locker" as they call it, and copied some files into it. Next day I could not open it. Message is: "Invalid Locker. Locker file is either corrupted or not a valid Locker file." I created a second one, and it is OK so far. Anyone else have this problem?

2nd problem is I chose that the lockers be closed when I log off. They aren't. Any other user, even "Guest" can rifle thru my encrypted files.
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  1. I own the full version an i've never had that issue.
  2. Well, that is encouraging. I contacted the makers of Folder Lock, but have not heard back yet. Maybe they can fix it.
    But, in the meantime I have learned the arcane art of setting Permissions in Windows 7. Boy, do they make it complicated.
    I have succeeded in blocking access to my Financial folder to all but myself. No other computers on the home LAN can see it, nor can any of the other 2 users of this computer.

    I have been spoiled by the encryption that was built into my Windows XP Media Edition computer (R.I.P).
    What do you think about the Security of the built in permissions system in Windows 7?
  3. The Folder lock free 5 day trial ended. It seemed very short. Anyway, it expired before I got a reply from them. (I haven't yet received a reply) That is just bad business practice. They promise a reply in 24 hours. Now I am trying out True Crypt. So far it looks OK. I will report back on how it works out.
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    True Crypt

    Is a nice free app ^
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  6. Thanks for the best answer and welcome to the forum!
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