BSOD followed by On, then OFF scenario

Its been about 3-4 months since i purchased from them and from there...

Everything was working great until one day today, i was playing World of Warcraft going about my dungeons and then a random BSOD came upon me. I figured it was just a stray one and restarted it. As soon as i get to the screen to put in my password, i get another BSOD. Restarted again, and same thing happened. Restarted once again, and then i get the situation where my computer turns on and then off from there on. I was never able to see anything else ever again.

Here are some steps i took to see what was wrong...

-Took out the GPU to see if that was the problem, and it wasnt.
-Did the paperclip test on my PSU, and it seems to have passed.
-Probe my mobo for any loose screws that might causes shorts or anything that looks wrong
-Reseated all hardware besides CPU
-Took out all-non essential hardware
-Placed a different PSU running with non-essential hardware
-Plugged source of power directly to outlet instead of Power Surge Protectors?

I just completely have no idea what else could be. The only thing left i can think of is that there is something wrong with the CPU or the motherboard. But im not too sure...

So at this point...what else can possibly cause my computer to do this?

I would be much obliged if anyone can help me out on this one and if you do, THANKS.

Computer Specs:

Core i7 2600k @4.2 Ghz
16 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
1TB Hitachi HDD 7200RPM
Raidmax 1000w PSU
2x Radeon 6950 GPU
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  1. I would bet that it is your PSU. That Raidmax is a pieace of garbage and here is a link to a list best ot worst PSU's.

    If your hardwear is still under warranty then make them give you a better PSU. I am thinking that when you put the load on the PSU it heated up and fried something in it.

    I hope this will help
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