Ideas for building a new gaming PC for ~600-700€

Hey guys,

I tested the Beta of Battlefield 3 and it was pretty obvious for me, but still a bit disappointing that I cannot play it without unplayable lags. Even with lowest Graphic Details, it starts to lag when I get into a fight (even if its just a soldier and we are both firing at each other with a pistol, its still laggy..).
My system specs at the moment are following:

Intel Core2Duo E8400 3000 775 6MB
2x SLI Nvidia GeForce GTX260 Grafikkarte (PCI-E, 896MB GDDR3 Speicher, Dual DVI-I, HDTV-Ausgang, 1 GPU 666MHz)
Im not at home atm and i dont remember the exact name of my current mainboard, but I know its a DDR2 pretty so-so board from Asus.. I´ll edit it later
2x 2GB DDR2 RAM from Corsair
700W power supply
CoolerMaster Computercase (same like the mainboard, sorry^^)

Now to what I want to do, is, to upgrade my system... my main question here is which parts of my current system i HAVE to upgrade to have an up-to-date gaming system again. I asked around and I didnt get sure answers which say if my graphic cards are the problem (which i dont believe), or my CPU. (what sounds more plausible)
Approximate Purchase Date: (e.g.: this week (the closer the better))

Budget Range: 600-800€ I would say..but thats no strict line which cant be stretched a bit..

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies

Parts Not Required: Graphic Cards (maybe?), Computer Case if I will build in a dust filter and u could give me advice for a good cooling system, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Power Supply (Its okay for me if i have to/should buy a new one..i dont know the exact model right now)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Well, im using an austrian website since I live here.. its otherwise I use Amazon

Country: Austria

Parts Preferences: I only had Intel CPUs + Nvidia cards, but im open to everything

Overclocking: More yes than no

SLI or Crossfire: Depending on if you think i should buy a new graphic card, no

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments: The most important thing for me, is the best value for money ratio. Additionally, it would be great to have a more silent system than i have at the moment. My 2x 120mm standard computer case fans are pretty loud.. It would be enough if you could just give me some examples for silent fan´s.

I hope you can help me, I will answer asap if you need any other informations =)

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. I have yet to play that game, but based on their web site, your system actually falls into the mid range of their system requirements. I am just curious, is your hard drive fairly full? Is it an older model? It seems to me that that would be the only major lag, unless the video drivers are not working properly. You might also try running just one video card as the SLi may be hampering your efforts some how. I have seen it happen.

    Having said that, I would look into an SSD. Depending on your motherboard, you may also need a controller card for it. You could get a 60-120gb model and use the old drive as a secondary for storage.

    As far as the upgrade route, I would start with a Core i5 2600k, a Z68 based motherboard, 8gb ram, the SSD, and Windows 7 64-bit. I would use the existing vid cards in the new rig first before upgrading them.
  2. Yea, my HDD is really fairly full..atm it have about 20 GB free space. I didnt realize this would be a problem.. Its a Seagate 250 GB - 7,500 rpm, if I remember correctly.. I really thought its about the CPU, if its my HDD i could reinstall the game on my 2nd HDD, which is that one:
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 8,9 cm (3,5 Zoll) SATA interne Festplatte (7200RPM, 32MB Cache)

    Im not a fan of SSDs as i mentioned the most important thing for me is the value/money ratio..and SSDs arent really the best option then - atleast as far as I know.

    About the upgrade route: Did u mean core i7 2600k or core i5 2500k ? I cant find a "core i5 2600k". I thought already about getting the core i5 2500k since it was about a half year ago the best cpu u get if u look at value/money thing..for the motherboard i thought about getting that one:
    but im not sure which version of that mainboard is enough for my purposes. I already have windows 7 64-bit - thanks already for the fast answer! I have to think about the SSD thing.. Maybe someone/you could give me some examples for SSDs which are worth buying?
  3. Oops sorry. Slip of the digit. Core i5 2500k.

    In your case, I would think about migrating everything over to the Samsung drive. They are not SSD's, but pretty speedy for mech hard drives. You could use something like Acronis True Image or Clonezilla to make the transfer. Not only is the Samsung drive faster, but your data will have room to breath. At that point you can reassess whether to upgrade further.

    As for SSD's, any of the newer SATA 6gb/s models are pretty good. If you go with a smaller 60gb model to save money, the idea is to install Windows on it, and everything else would go on the Samsung. In other words, assuming the SSD drive is C: and the Samsung is D:, the Windows directory and it's swap file would be on C:, and all other folders such as program files would be on D:. This would also include putting the c:\users folder on D:.

    Since your ram is DDR2, I would not waste an upgrade to 8gb. I would wait for the new motherboard. Many tests have indicated, including at least one on Tom's site, that Win 7 64 bit really sings on 8gb ram.
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