Is my mobo/psu/cpu dead/fried??? no post no beeps but pc stays on

So... It all started because the my screen flickered too much,,like way too much, so i opened my pc apart trying to reseat my graphics card,, clean out the dust and also instert a new memory(ram which i tested before and worked fine).. Thing is,,i didnt know you shouldnt open yourpc on the carpet coz of static electricity,, so i laid my pc apart on the carpet(and at some part there i think the mobo touched the carpet) after closing up the pc ,,, the fans started , lights lit up, everything seemed normal,,, except there was no video(all black) and i didnt hear the single beep i usually heard.. I thought maybe it was the vga cable or the monitor so i tried it with another monitor,,, and hdmi cable tomy tv... Still same result... After a bit of searching and troubleshooting i did the following tests
1- held the power buton for a minute
2-removed the bios battery
3-disconected/reconnected/checkedevery wire so that it was properly attached/seated
4-checked those motherboard connectors(those long tall things dont know what they are called) for yellow/orange leakage
5-removed everything except the motherboard,cpu,cooler,and psu.... And still no beeps(it should have made a long beep or a series of them right???)
6- removed cpu and then replaced itback... Still no change....
The only thing i can do more is replace my cpu with my brothers(alredy checked,, my mobo supports it) and try my cpu on my brothers mobo... I guess that will tellme if its the mobo or the cpu.... I dont really think its the psu... What do you think!?? And another question.... If my mobo is fried or dead,, when i replace my cpu with a new one,,, is there any chance of burning the new cpu??
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  1. Putting it on the carpet isn't dangerous itself, the actual static electricity that can generate and transfer to the board, can kill it. Did you see any static electricity hit the board?

    Make sure your video cable is in correctly in the video card.
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