New Gaming Rig - Let Me Know what you think! EVERYONE WELCOME

Hey guys,
finally built the wish list of my new gaming rig. Let me know what you think. EVERYBODY and ANYBODY please don't hesitate to comment about what you think. Haters, Lovers, Enthusiasts, I don't care, comment below and let me know what your opinions are and if you believe I should change anything. Thanks A LOT!!!!

ALL UNDER $900! Y E S !
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  1. Nice rig you got there
  2. Needs more cowbell graphics card. If it's a "gaming" rig, let's game big. The 560 is just into the green on the doesn't-suck-o-meter.
  3. Along with a bit beefier GPU, you might need a DVD read/writer $20-$25. Also, an OS, WIN 7 HP OEM $100.
    Nothing wrong with a 560Ti, how hard do you game, what titles?
  4. That graphics card is way more than enough for my needs.
    I intend to play BF3, Black Ops, Modern Warare 3, Skyrim, and some CSS for good ol sake. Also, the new CS:Global Offense. I might just try Crysis just for the heck of it.

    I already have a SSD, and Win 7 Ultimate.

    More opinions needed! Thanks!
  5. Mobo, PSU, CPU and extras look fine. Ripjaws are on sale for $30 atm:

    As far as the case goes I usually tend to use the $50 mid towers from Rosewill or Antec but here are a few to consider in the $75-100 range|11-129-097^11-129-097-TS%2C11-119-197^11-119-197-TS%2C11-133-183^11-133-183-TS

    Can pick up a non OC'd 560 ti and OC yourself and save a few bucks, but the EVGA you picked isn't a bad card for the price.
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