Zalman z9 plus

Been looking at home building for a while but can't settle on a case, i'm looking at a i5 2500k with a GTX 560ti build and i've seen this case for £40

Any advice/experiance? anything i'm missing like it won't fit etc??
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  1. I actually bought this case last march. I ended up giving to my brother for a build I did for him.

    -Ton's of features (fan control x 2, temp gauge, fan customability(8-10 fans i believe)
    -small but has plenty of room.
    -Looks great
    -Temps are very cool. Has great air flow.
    -Cable management is meh, but hey your getting a great case for cheap. I cant really complain here.
    -Area to store your keys/wallet/phone (for some reason I loved this since I would come home and plop down in my chair and just want to get the items off me)
    -Comes with blue led fans. They seem to work ok, but I bought some extra roswill ones for added cooling.

    Things to be careful with
    -large graphics cards (might not fit so be sure to measure)
    -large heat sinks (again check)
    -Plastic parts but to be expected
    -One thing I did notice was the pci slots did not fit great, but then again I have a $180 Dollar silverstone with the same problem.

    I would definately buy this case again and recommend to friends. I loved it and I still do. Im kinda sad i gave it away.

    For the price its one of the best cases you can get.
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