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I disabled the on-board graphics of core i3 2320 and when i boot the system, i hear 2 beeps and system is not booting. How to reset the BIOS to defaults. I dont have Graphics card. Motherboard is Intel DH67BL.
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  1. If you don't have a graphics card why did you disabled the on board graphics?
    Anyway remove the cmos battery for about 10-20 mins and connect it back. If that doesnot work, Use the jumper(it should be near the CMOS battery)
    There might be a clear CMOS switch at the back panel of your motherboard, you can use that too.
  2. Its not working Xttony...change in Jumper settings/removing the battery didnt help....the system is booting.. i could hear the windows login audio...

    i think i m only left with the option of installing a graphics card ...any ideas??
  3. Can you enter the bios? If you can see if the internal graphics is enabled or not.(if you see anything on the screen then it means that is working.)
    Try starting windows from another drive.
  4. no ...there is no video signal from motherboard... monitor doesn't show anything..i could hear only sound!!...the processor on board graphics is disabled and since no GPU ....there is no video signal at all from mother board..
  5. Do you see anything like cable unplugged on the screen?
    If not somehow just arrange for a graphics card(borrow it from someone) plug the video cable in the graphics card and see if that works. If it doesnot then there must be another problem.
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