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Hi I was needing some input on my motherboard/case combination. I have all my parts chosen and I configed them in pc part picker and it said a minor issue is that the front USB port of the case doesn't support USB 3.0 but there are 6 USB 3.0 on the back. So I just wanted someone's input on if I should just keep what I've selected. This is the case and this is the motherboard.

This is my first timer build which is for gaming, so I think that 6 USB 3.0 will be enough and on a separate note can someone tell my what I would most likely use the ports for if there are any special devices I would need a 3.0 for. Thanks
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    If you don't have any usb 3.0 devices already, don't worry about the case not having front usb 3.0 ports.
  2. USB 3.0 isnt really necessary unless you use a lot of those devices and attach them to the front of the case. There are connections to run USB 2.0 on the front, so you will have ports that work. Those parts will work just fine together. Do you really need Thunderbolt? That option makes this board very expensive. If not, I suggest the ASRock Extreme4 as it has everything but the Thunderbolt and will save you some bucks.
  3. Thanks for the responses I just wanted to get a second opinion. I'm going to get the motherboard and I'll goof around with it.
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