Motherboard Power Problems

Hello friends.First I'll give you the specifications of my computer.

Motherboard: Intel D102GGC2
Processor: Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 Sound Card
Transcend 533MHz DDR2 RAM.

Now I am moving into the problem.I've been using this computer for four years.It worked fine for me until two days ago.When I was using the computer it turned off.So I turned on the power button and it didn't turn on.So I restarted my UPS then my PC.Awww!!!! It turned on.After 10-15 minutes it again turned off and it didn't turn on till now.When I turn on the PC the LED light blinks for half of a second and the CPU and processor fan also rotates for half of a second.I have checked using a different power supply and different RAM and used different hardware.I don't know the exact problem.Please help me out.I want my computer back in a running state.Please help me.
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  1. Try another PSU.
  2. I told you that I've checked it using another PSU
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