Rate 2500k Gaming Build $700 Budget

Found a build, moderator can delete.
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  1. Short answer: No

    Long answer: No, No.
  2. That budget will pose a problem if you want to keep your preferred parts.

    i5-2500K = $220
    560Ti = ~$210
    Win 7 OS = $100

    That is $530ish already. $220 to get a case, Mobo, RAM, SLI-capable PSU, CPU cooler and OD = possible but quality will hinder the CPU and GPU.

    Can you get to a Microcenter store? That would help save a little on the CPU and mobo since they offer discounts on a bundle.
  3. I found a build I was looking at getting and changed the original post. I don't need an OS, HD, or Cooler, forgot to add that. I am looking to get as close to $650-750 after rebate as possible.
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