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Hello, :hello:

I was thinking in buying a GTX 550ti for my ECS P35T-A motherBoard. Will it fit and work properly?
My Psu is LC6600GP2.

Do you sugest other graphic card?

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  1. Whats wrong with 550Ti?

    Heres a pic of the PSU:

    About the motherBoard, it has a PciEx16, but its not 2.0, anything wrong with that?
  2. GTX 460 is pretty much faster.
  3. No problem with that being a 2.0 pciEx16 , and my motherboard being a "normal" PciEx16
  4. PCI Express is backwards compatible, it won't be a problem.
  5. Thanks for your help, but really, is the 460 better then the 550ti?
  6. No, i like to lie. Just google some benchmarks, i'm to lazy right now.
  7. And no, pcie is not ALLWAYS backwards compatible. I very few cases there are problems. It probably will work, but there's no guarantee.
  8. And the one i was thinking about buying was i think it is overclocked a bit.
  9. I think you looked at the 768 mb version, look at this ;

    You can overclock a 460 also. A stock 460 is faster than a stock 550, and an oc 460 is faster than an oc 550. But, it's your money . . .
  10. That why im here, to get your opinions, what about the core,shader and memory speed? isnt that important?
  11. Not only, more important i believe are the number of stream processors, cuda cores, memory bus, bandwith, card processor architecture and so. Not complete sure don't know everything from that, what i do know is that the 550 is a rebranded 450 with better powermanagement and higher clock settings ( i believe ) and well the 460 is above that and also the 460 is designed as a gaming processor while the 550 is not.
  12. Gtx 460 all the way. :kaola:
  13. Thanks guys, i changed my mind, i'll star looking for a 460 instead of the 550, the PSU is 660W, i think it is enough.
    About the PciEx-16, mine is "normal", u guys think it is ok?
  14. So it wont work? Sorry couldnt find the right meaning of bottleneck..
  15. Thank you, didnt know that expression. So it will run, but not at full potential, is that "lost" noticeable?I mean i think my actual 9800GT XFX is a PCI-E 2.0.
    Sorry to bother you guys, just trying to figure out the diferences between those 2 slots.
  16. Allright, thanks guys, i guess i'll start looking for a gtx460, although i cant seem to find them in portuguese stores.
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