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Love this website, just built my $500.00 gaming pc last month. Anyway, 2011 is looking up and I am getting a Sony KDL-60EX700 tv in the next couple of weeks. I am also switching from Verizon Fios to brighthouse for my interwebs connection. I have a couple of questions about planning for these 2 events.

1) my internet/phone package from the cable company does not include a wireless router. My house was built recently and it has an ethernet and CAT5 or 6 connection in every room. I am not sure if the cable company will make all of the connections "live" so what sort of router do you recommend?

2) this sony tv does not come with the wireless adapter and is only wireless ready. I am hoping that I can plug directly into the ethernet available but I am not sure if direct dv is using that outlet. Can I use any usb wireless connector or must I use Sony. I have seen the Viera tvs can use cisco connectors.

3) I have windows 7 on 2 desktops and 1 laptop. The laptop is hooked into a wall jack for internet for the time being. Can my computers share info/videos with each other? Will they be able to send video to my tv once I receive my Sony? I also have a printer plugged into my computer but my son likes to print things from Nick Jr. Can I have his desktop print to my computer since they both run windows 7?

Thank you all!!!
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  1. All the connections "Should" end up in the same place, count how many Ethernet cables there are, and get a switch or smart switch with atleast 2-4 extra ports (future expansion). Plug all the connections into the switch, then plug another Ethernet cable and go from the switch to the router. A always good and reliable router is the WRT54GL, and its not going to break the bank.

    Look at the documentation for the TV and buy what ever they tell you. Less troubleshooting will be needed.

    For the last one yes yes yes yes, but I am going to give you links ok "how-to"

    Best of luck!
  2. thank you for your awesome reply, I did see some of these posts right after I posted...I intend to have a go at it tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend.
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