Can i run GTS450 and MSI 560GTX TI together

i have little info on the SLI and i read a few articles on this site but still not sure about this. can i run my galaxy gts450 1gb ddr5 with MSI 560GTX TI oc in sli mode. I know to run the SLI both cards ned to be of same config but i also know some similar cards can be run together even when the 2nd card isnt as powerful as 1st one. i dont want to sell my gts450 and its actually good card only bought 3months ago.
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  1. Hi.

    No, you can't. But you can use the 560 Ti as main GPU and use the GTS 450 for f@h
  2. SLI them, NO CAN DO! But, as saint19 says, you can run both at the same time for something like Folding@Home, a separate display, or for Physx (for those games/apps that support it).
  3. so i know about folding@home and very much interested. but how do i use it for physx and how do i find which apps and games will benefit from this..
    thank you very much for the responses.
  4. The games and applications tell you if can use PhysX, for set PhysX in the GTS 450 just go to the nVidia control panel and in the left side look for the PhysX option, select the GTS 450 and apply.
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