[Solved] Windows 7 Won\'t Boot After RAM upgrade

I have a NB 205 that will only boot up successfully once in every 10 attempts. I have changed the hard drive, memory module, reformatted XP from the original hard drive and I am still having the same issues. When it does boot up it works perfectly and all tests I have done show the PC is working perfectly. On the failed attempts I get as far as the Toshiba page, wont enter windows, BIOS or boot manager. Please help.
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  1. Reset the bios and try again. Set the ram settings as specified by the ram and try again.
  2. Xttony said:
    Reset the bios and try again. Set the ram settings as specified by the ram and try again.

    Daer XT Tony,
    Thanks for your help and I will try this solution this week. To date I have not been able to open the BIOS screen but I guess it is just a matter of this happening on the one in 10 times it boots up.
    Regards Sailcraft
  3. Try that and repor back.
  4. Dear XTTony,
    I am ready to throw this NB250 in the bin but I need it and XP for our navigation software, AIS and a serial port adaptor for Garmin GPS. After 20 attempts I did enter BIOS on start up and reset the settings. I still have the same start up issues being I get as far as the Toshiba/Intel page. Before the BIOS entry I did fit the old memory module and it made no difference.
    That said, we don’t know if the old module is damaged but it did work and boot up sometimes. The only other hint I have is it seems to start up ok the first thing every morning, (after sitting idle for 12 hrs plus). Then every other attempted start fails until the next morning. Follow this link for project info. http://www.sailcraft4u.bigpondhosting.com/Electronics.htm

    Kind Regards
  5. So you need a new motherboard with a serial port adaptor. Very few motherboard now come with serial poer adapters. What happened when you tried different ram settings on your old board?
    I think that the hard drive might be failing so backup all your important data to another drive just to stay on the safe side.
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