P8Z77-V LK - no beeps

Trying to set up a new PC with ASUS MB P8Z77-V LK, have just MB, CPU, memory, and PS installed...and I get no beeps or video.

How do I go about hearing the boot up beeps? My case does not have a speaker. Do I need to buy one just to hear the beeps?
I tried hooking the case "HD Audio" cable to the MB and hooking speakers to the PC case via the jack on the front, but still hear no Beeps on boot up.

All lights come on, fan on, cpu fan on.

At this point just trying to find out how to hear the beeps if they are occurring.

I did look on the MB at the CPU socket and one of the pins may be bent, but not quite sure.

MB came from newegg.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Paul
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  1. Hi, Yes, you would need a case speaker for beeps. What CPU using?
    Is the CPU fan spinning when starting the board?
  2. CPU = intel i5-3570K

    Yes the CPU fan is spinning when turned on. Does that mean there is no bent pin?
  3. It means that the CPU gets power. Leave only one RAM stick installed and test again. How do you connect the monitor (DVI to DVI or...)?
  4. I tried it with one stick and same problem.

    Monitor(hdmi) to MB(DVI).
    Should I try HMDI to HDMI?
  5. You can try hdmi to hdmi, but it should work with DVI to HDMI too.
    I would take the board outside the case and test again. If still the same, try reinstalling the CPU. Check also the CPU socket for bent pins.
  6. I will try hdmi to hdmi.

    I have tried it with the MB outside the case.
    I have reinstalled the CPU.

    I did look on the MB at the CPU socket and one of the pins may be bent, but not quite sure...but it did look different from all the other ones.

    I'm going to try to RMA back to newegg for a replacement board.
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