My 3 pin case fan conectors wont go into 4 pin on my mobo?

Ok first off iam new at this this is my 1st build i was putting my wires from my case to my mobo and i found out that my case has 4 3 pin conectors that need to go into a 3 pin on the motherboard but on my motherboard i have 4 pins?????

Iam a noob can someone help me is there any adapters out there?????
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  1. Just connect only 3 pin the last pin is control the speed which you cannot use
  2. you can plug them in still. the connectors have grooves to plug into. the 4th pin is for data/speed variance.
  3. Yess:) thanks guys that saves money and time.:)

    but one more thing do i need to connect the 3 to the left or the right? or does it matter?

    thanks again
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