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GPU for Gaming(AMD vs Nvidia)

I was thinking about GTX550Ti,then someone said that HD6850 is way better for the same i think someone could help :)

BUDGET RANGE: 125-175$ Before Rebates

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT:Gaming-BF3,Skyrim,COD MW3...want to run at least with medium

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: No GPU...planning 500-650W PSU(Please recommend how powerfull PSU i'll need too)

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS:Probably i5-2500k,4GB of RAM,1155 socket MB with PciE 2.0 or 3.0
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:Since i'm from Azerbaijan,SuperBiiz or somewhere you can recommend with international shipping

PARTS PREFERENCES: I've offered HD6850 and GTX550Ti,but please recommend...


MONITOR RESOLUTION:1600x1200 i think will be enough

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:want to run at least in medium settings COD8,BF3,AC:R and so new games
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  1. I would go for the GTX 560 if $175 is your budget.
  2. Or spend an extra 50-60 bucks for the GTX 560 Ti, which would play your games really well on medium/high settings.
  3. I would also go for the 560ti if it is within your budget range , also the longer you wait the more chance the prices will drop of you could catch a sale. Once the 600 series is released then there should be a price drop.
  4. Hopefully the drop is like 40-60 bucks for our sake!!! lol
  5. When do you think 600 series will be released?
    And what you can say about AMD GPUs like 6850 or 6870?
  6. The 600 series are supposedly coming out in december.
    Also it depends on what you're doing with the graphics cards. If you are going eyefinity, then get Ati. But if you have a single monitor and want better drivers, then go nvidia.
    I bought the 6850 and i single monitor game. And i like it; it plays all my games 1080p medium/max settings. I plan on crossfiring when i get a new Mobo.
  7. I'm not going eyefinity...
    I'm going to have single monitor,but high resolution as i can
    But comparing 6850 and 55Ti,i saw that 6850 is better...and their prices are relative
  8. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:Azerbaijan

    where the hell is that?
  9. If you don't mind buggy drivers buy AMD/ATI.
  10. buggy drivers is not that bad... I mean I know is not perfect I have a 6850 for almost a year and I yet to have a driver issue with mine... I recommendo you the 6850 over de 550 for sure... if those are your options... the drivers are not that bad... at least not for me
  11. Ok,i'll check drivers for AMD
    But what about PHYSX?
    And Azerbaijan is country,you just have to google it
  12. ram1009 said:
    If you don't mind buggy drivers buy AMD/ATI.

    Wow, way to bandwagon on the "AMD drivers suck herpa".

    In reality, AMD pretty much fixed driver issues with the HD 6XXX series.

    @ OP Phsyx is onyl used by a few games, and does not justify the massive drop in fps, if the GTX 550 Ti and HD 6850 are priced similarly, the HD 6850 is better in almost every way.
  13. Physx is really nothing special. Nothing that dx11 can't do.
  14. If you're choosing between the 550ti & 6850, like everyone else suggested, go for the 6850.
  15. Ok,I'll probably go :)
    Any other thing you can suggest between this price-range?
  16. I'm more of an Nvidia type of guy, so I'll go ahead and throw out the GTX 560 in the mix for a few dollars more.
  17. Ok,I think I'll go with 6850
    And if i'll be able to get few more bucks,i'll go with 6870
  18. Best answer
    mobrocket said:
    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:Azerbaijan

    where the hell is that?

    Between Russia and Iran on the Caspian Sea. (Google)
  19. Actually, between the HD 6870 and GTX 560, I'd grab the GTX 560 as it can overclock to GTX 560 Ti speeds.

    Also, for a good PSU, I suggest the XFX 550W Core Edition 80Plus Bronze PSU.
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