Acer 5736z - 4016 motherboard problem

So I have had my Acer for a little over a year now, it is an Acer 5736z - 4016
(4GB DDR3 ram, 320 GB hard drive) anyway, recently (Three days after warranty expired. -_-) the power board stopped working due to a loose connection, so i bought another cord, and replaced it, however in doing so i accidently broke the fan cord off the motherboard (Weak solder).
My question is: could this (Or someother non essential cord not plugged in / missing screw/ small thing like this) cause the computer not to turn on? I have checked the new connection on the motherboard and it is fine, however the computer wont turn on, battery lights wont come on, no signs of life.
Any advice?
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  1. Hi :)

    Lappy repair shop for a quote.....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I suggest you set it on fire and throw it in a dumpster.
  3. real answer: did you take parts off of the motherboard while checking it? If so, you may want to make sure they are all securely in place.
  4. Yeah, I did, and I've checked them all, as well as taking it back apart and putting it back together numerous times to ensure it wasn't a loose connection. I'm just asking if there is any number of fail safes (Other than the obvious necessary components to turn on) that could cause the computer to not turn on, also if there is anyway that i can check my motherboard for faults.
  5. does it show any sign of anything when you have it plugged into the wall? Not to sure if this would be possible but if you had a voltmeter maybe you could check somewhere on it and see if it was getting any power going through.
  6. Yes, I checked for voltage, and I do get a steady 19.5 volts (which is the recommended amount) on the motherboard, however the charging lights don't come on, and it won't turn on.
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