I have male 3 pin for my case fans and male 4 pins on my mobo?

What do i do?

I have the NZXT Phantom 410 case and the asus maximus iv gene z mobo.

So iam scrwed right> or is there a adapter out there?
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  1. Plug them into the motherbd, they will still work fine. The motherbd is designed to work with 3wire or 4wire connectors.
  2. they dont pug in because they are 3 pins with 3 spikes and on the mobo it 4 pins with 4 spikes so they cant plug into. should i get new fans?
  3. you have the wrong connector. a fan will either have 3/4 pin FEMALE connector or a 4 Pin Molex connector.

    if it's 3/4 pin male then u have the wrong end of an extension / adapter.

    trace the cable back. start from the FAN and follow the connector.

    post pics if u still have problems.
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