Computer not turning on! Think its the hard drives *URGENT*

So I just installed a new CPU fan. I think I have everything reconnected correctly. When I plug my computer in all the lights come on that are suppose to come on and everything. When I turn my computer on it boots up normally but nothing comes on the screen. The monitors act like they are connected to a computer that is not turned on. The graphic card fans come on when I have the computer on so its not that.

When I hit the button on the top of the computer to turn it on It turns on just fine. When I hold it down to turn it off it never turns off. I think its my harddrives and not having them plugged in correct.

thats the motherboard that I have.

I am trying to connect a 120gb SSD and a 1TB back up harddrive. Windows is installed on my SSD. What sata ports do I need to have them plugged into? I currently have the SS plugged into Sata6G_1 and the hard Drive plugged into Sata6G_E1.

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  1. Is sounds like you forget to make a connection. Check all power supply connection.

    So this was working fine before and you installed a new CPU fan? You didn't change anything else?
  2. Take a look through this it covers alot of this kind of material.
  3. yeah are you apply the thermal paste on the new cpu fan and cpu
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