AI Suite sucks. Slows your internet down

So I was having slow internet when I would get on big sites, such as toms hardware for instance. Or when just general browsing, my internet would freeze and chrome or internet explorer both would not respond. Then I came on this article, uninstalled AI Suite, and presto! Fast internet again! The only real reatures of AI suite are the OC feature, which you can do in Bios, and temp monitors. For the slow internet time, its totally not worth it.
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    Being a (somewhat) minimalist I never do install unneeded software such as AI suite. It is my primary 'beef' with off-the-shelf model computers - bloatware. In almost every case (as you found with AI Suite) the features offered by bloatware are not exclusive or even special - often, aftermarket freeware performs those tasks better. I can't say why they are included off hand - I could make some guesses but I really have no clue.
    Along those same lines, I would suggest that every blue moon, go into msconfig and see what's really playing around on your computer and... do you need it there or can it be disabled/removed.
    Just my take on that
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