Hdd does not get detected after restart

i have asus motherboard,amd phenomx2 ...suddenly the hdd does not get detected
at first when u swith on the computer it gets detected...asoon as i restart it the hdd does not get detected in the bios at all ant i keep getting choose a boot device and press enter

i tried changing the sata cables...
power chord
nothing seams to work

tried connecting another hdd..the same thing happens
what could be the possible problem
will i be able to fix it or is the m'board gone.
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  1. First off please make sure you have everything connected in the right place. Make sure you have power going to your HDD. Does the HDD have a operating system on it? If you go into your BIOS can you look under Hard disk drives and see if it is there. Make sure it is set to primary and make it your first boot device. Start there....if you have done this already we can explore from there
  2. Is the hard drive boot priority order set properly?
  3. thanx for lookin into the matter
    and yes i have checked it...the hdd does not it self get detected on the bios on restart...i even tried two other drives..and the same thing happens...i am thinking there is some problem with the mother board....if so what could the problem be?????
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