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I recently purphased a sound blaster recon3d fatal1ty pro and i'm just wondering if i should be underwelmed by this card? I'm using it with a set of 5.1 logitech speakers. Turned onboard audio off and installed the proper drivers. I can tell a bit more power behind the audio in say bf3; Nothing crazy though. Are these new sound blasters not that great or may i be doing something wrong here? I notice some of the older x-fi's are in the same price range.
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  1. Hi :)

    Machine specs ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The general consensus is that the Recon3D are underwhelming, partly because the sound quality is inferior but also because numerous features are missing (namely hardware OpenAL support). The older X-Fi Titanium put out amazing sound quality and are still top of the line IMO. I will not be replacing my X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro any time soon
  3. Onboard sound has come a long way in the last few years.

    there is now no real difference when gaming / listening to music when u have a decent motherboard with onboard sound or a top notch card.

    when editing sound and using super highend speaker systems is about the only place you notice it anymore.
  4. I can easily take this one back and buy a different card; What card would you guys advise. I want to be impressed coming from my onboard, not underwhelmed.
  5. The Recon3D series is crap. Heck, even the X-fi's aren't that good compared to C-Media based chipsets produced by Auzentech, ASUS, and HT Omega.

    Creative hasn't been on the leading edge in sound reproduction for almost a decade now. Problem is, its the only sound card brand people know of...
  6. ...Not to mention Creative only updates their sound card drivers once per century...
  7. Better question is what speakers are you using? One of those $50 5.1 sets isn't going to be able to show off what a soundcard can do.
  8. It's one of the better Logitech sets I think around 100 at the time.
  9. iv had creative xfi extreame audio then changed over to asus dx1 huge diffrence. then got asus maximus board with xfi2 onboard which was ***.it realy realtek audio with creative divers and stickers.
  10. I personally don't think you'll be able to hear the differences between onboard and entry level sound cards until you are dealing with much better speakers. And I don't mean louder like the z5500s though thats a start. While as stated you don't have a good sound card to begin with, I'd honestly return it and the speakers and just get better speakers for your onboard.
  11. What speakers would you suggest for this mind altering experience?
  12. Been out of the loop for too long. Probably one of the more expensive THX sets. My point is the z5500s are where you are just starting to get to the good sets. I liked it and noticed things when I was using my HT setup. 7.1 home stereo hooked up to tower speakers with 15" subs in them. For the first time I heard tanks rumble.
  13. The z-5500's are OK. Not really that high end, all things considered.

    Frankly, I'm WAY out of date on what a good set of speakers would be; A good place to ask would be either or the guru3d audio forums [Robscix/GenClaymore know what they are talking about].
  14. I own a recon3d pcie ( standard version ) and I have the same feeling, I compared it to the onboard audio and there isn`t much of a difference, the only real difference are in games and the 3d effect surround sound is more profound and clear. am thinking of getting a asus xonar essense st, but worried that it might not perform well in games.
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