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I have a comcast modem. I get about 10 mbps with it. I need to get a wireless router (that also has ethernet ports). I would prefer an N router but g would work too. I will be connecting several phones, a wii, and a Chrome CR-48 (Google's test netbook for their Chrome OS.). The phones and wii use G and the Cr-48 can use N or G. My price range is about $30-60. What would you suggest?

I have been looking at this one:

Any recommendations, warnings, advice?
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  1. Your link doesn't seem to go any further than the welcome to Staples part.

    You won't go far wrong with Netgear -- other brands to consider include D-Link and Linksys. I like Netgear because the user setup is relatively simple -- though perhaps it lacks features compared to the others mentioned. Netgear has a good user forum and I've had an older model running for about 5 years without a glitch and installed a secondhand one in an office -- that's been running 3 years.
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