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I have a dell xps 420 and the original graphics card was a single 512mb Nvidia Ge Force 9800GT I need to replace this as it has died. Can anyone please recommend a suitable replacement?

Thanks in advance
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  1. A few standard questions for ya:

    1. Monitor resolution
    2. Applications/Games you need it for
    3. Power supply wattage
    4. Intended budget

    we should be able to help you better once we know that stuff :)
  2. Since your XPS 420 was ordered with the 9800 GT, it would have the 425W PSU. You can confirm this by removing the right-side case cover, the PSU has a sticker that states the wattage.

    I have the same PC, and I upgraded to an Asus Radeon HD 6850 (which is available online for $150 - $170), keeping the stock 425W PSU.

    This allows me to play COD:MW2 and COD:BO at 1920x1200 at the highest settings. COD:BO stutters occasionally, though other sites state that is due to the CPU.

    You can go in for higher performance cards, but that will warrant a replacement of your PSU.
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