Display cut out during game, got 1 long beep and 2 short beeps

I have an MSI 970A-G46 motherboard and in the middle of playing a game, the display suddenly cut out. It seems the beep code is for a GPU problem, but I tested a second card and continued to not work. Now I don't even get a beeping code.

I tried moving the RAM around as well just in case that was the problem but there was no change. Is it possible the RAM is bad?
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  1. Yes, one long and two short--Monitor or graphics card error. Make sure the monitor is working first, try use the 2nd card in the second PCIe slot, if you still don't have signal from the card that means your MB is gone. If you get the signal, then the 1st PCIe slot is broken.
  2. So just to give a quick edit: When I turn on the PSU, the 1st power phase light blinks and all the fans spin. Does this still mean the MB is gone? I'll try the second card in the second slot and see if that does it in the morning and report back.

    It just seems so abrupt for the MB to die. I have only had it for two months and haven't really put a lot of stress on it.
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