If i change my cpu/ram/MOBO will i need to reinstall?

hey i ordered i5 3570k 8gb ram and z77 as rock extreme 3 or 4, question is will i have to reinstall everything like games and other programs?
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  1. The new hardware will not run on the old OS install. It is recommended to do a clean OS install which means you will have to reinstall everything. You might get away with repair OS install (data would stay intact) but really not recommended.
  2. im using dban right now wiping my hard drive takes 7 hours to complete wipe, if i just install new gpu and os no games or other will it be okay or would i need to reinstall when i get the parts
  3. Re install with new hardware. The OS is tied to the motherboard and needs the drivers to be for the board it is running on..
  4. oh okay ill just re install and delete the windows.old file when ever thats s okay ?sorry im new
  5. Just do a clean install with format then there will be no win old file.
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