Flashed bios PROBLEM (urgent!)

My motherboard is the MSI H61M-E33/W8


I downloaded the latest BIOS update using msi live update 5. My current version was the 1.0 and i needed 1.2. I downloaded it and installed and then it went through the flashing period (command window) and then my computer rebooted like the software said it would.

Now when i my pc powers on it says.

1. *Free Dos
ESC stop 1 sectimer
Enter Boots Default
Digits Boots OS

It counts down 987654321 then repeats the same thing in a list. I don't know what to do. How does flashing bios do this?
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  1. Edit: I unplugged the USB flash drive and my computer booted lol. Somehow i had the USB drive set to "boot from usb". My bios is now updated :P. No need to help me lol.
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