Flags? Stars? Bookmarks? Favorite Topics?

How does it all work? Where is the FAQ? Does it address this? Someone please point me in the right direction.

I want to have a list of topics that I am interested in so that I can come back and find them later. For example I want to be able to come back to the comments on today's

"AMD: 2D Performance Progress in Windows 7 With Catalyst 10.4?"

but I do not even know where in the forums the article comments are stored.
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  1. To find them click on the 'view comments in forum' link at the bottom of the article, just before the actual comments start. From there, there is a heart button at top-right which will add the normal tracking tag or whatever to your profile. You will be notified whenever anything new is posted, so you might want to turn off auto e-mail.
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