Graphics card doesn't support win 7 directx 11

Hello, my graphics card (geforce 7100) doesnt support directx 11 which is installed on win 7 0s how do i install directx 9 please
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  1. It will still run DirectX 9 games.
    But it won't run DirectX 11 games because it doesn't support Directx 11. It supports DirectX 9 at max.
    Make sure you have the latest drivers installed from the nvidia website.
  2. Only Nvidia 400 series and beyond (not to be confused the TI 4000 series from a while back) and ATI/AMD cards that 5000 HD and beyond support DX11.

    Nvidia 7 series cards fully support directX 9.0c

    Nvidia cards 8 series to 200 series support directX 10
  3. Just google "Direct X 9 download" and voila!
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