Need help building a PC on a $700 budget

Approximate Purchase Date: Probably around the end of the month/first of the year (I'm a college student with
a minimum wage job so I gotta save up a couple more paychecks ;) )

Budget Range: 600-700 with a (very) little wiggle room

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Mostly gaming (newer games such as Skyrim, BF3, AC3 etc.) as
some multimedia (would like to be able to watch Blurays)

Parts Not Required: Don't need a mouse: Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Keyboard: Simple Logitech and a G13 gamepad
or a monitor: Sony Bravia TV

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: preferably

Country: United States

Parts Preferences: Prefer AMD CPU (seems to be a better bang for your buck) Not much preference on anything
else (don't know much about mobo manufacturers and don't know enough about GPUs to
have a preference between nVidia and AMD

Overclocking: Possibly but if you haven't figured it out yet I don't know a lot about hardware

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe down the road but for now I don't have the budget

Monitor Resolution: I believe the max res on my TV is something weird like 1366 x 780 I'd have to double check
but later on I may look into purchasing an actual monitor that supports 1920x1200

Additional Comments: I started picking out some hardware on newegg but I'm near my budget limit and I still
haven't added a case or cd/dvd burner. I was wanting to get 8GB of RAM but is that just
overkill? I'll link all the parts I picked and would like to hear your suggestions as to what
I can change to reduce the price (or if you pick stuff out from scratch I will be equally
thankful) The closer it is to the lower end of my budget the happier I am but I want to
be able to play a lot of the newer games on the highest (or close to the highest) settings
and maintain 50-60 fps. Thanks in advance for any help here as like I said I don't
completely know what I'm doing (I do know how to put them together I just don't know
what all the benchmarks, ratings, etc. mean)

What I've picked out already: Mobo GPU CPU RAM PSU/HDD
All of that so far totals at 685 with shipping and that doesn't even include a case or cd/dvd drive and it's entirely possible I'm missing other things lol. Again I greatly appreciate any help with this as I'm lost and getting a headache trying to figure out what all these technical specs mean (I'm a programming major so it's probably sad I don't know much about hardware lol)
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  1. Asrock 970 gen4 can crossfire and SLI for about $110

    but if you dont want to add a second graphics card then you can get a gen3 for $90

    8 gig of RAM wont improve gaming so this RAM is $29

    Antec 300 Illusion case is fantastic value at $40
  2. so far I swapped to the mobo and RAM you suggested, not sure about the case as I am looking for something with a side window, but that's something I'll pick out at the end.

    How about that CPU and GPU? I feel the CPU is amazing for the price but maybe I could ave some money on the GPU without giving up much quality/performance.
  3. I think your cpu is the best budget choice .

    That antec case is seriously a bargain at that price , and you can add a side window .
  4. yeah it is a good deal but I'm not sure if I want to do the modifications myself to add a window but its definitely still a solid option I'll have to see how much room I have left in the budget. I guess the only suggestions left really are for the GPU.
  5. Bumping in hopes for a response on the GPU. I have a Superclocked GeForce GT 560Ti in my shopping cart on newegg right now and it's $210. I feel like I could get an AMD/ATI card that is equal in power but for a better price. But I don't know how the AMD/ATI model numbers rank.
  6. Since I understand the nVidia model numbers better I looked at some of those and there are a few that are closer to the price I want to pay. So what's the best choice out of the GPUs here:
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