Purchased a new ram 1gb ddr2 800mhz and its not working ...

hey guys please help me....i have a jetway motherboard I31GM4-L

i purchased a new 1gb ram 800 mhz simmtronics....and it is not working my computer reboots again and again....Hello,
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  1. Your board supports DDR2 800 so you very likely got a bad stick. I have never heard of Simmtronics but you may want to get a refund. You can also try a different RAM slot.
  2. buddy i tried different slots but still not working...and my motherboard supports 800mhz ram...check its specs here

  3. simmtronics is a ram company here...i do not think its famous
  4. Yes I said your board supports DDR2 800. That means it's probably a bad stick. It might help if you can get something name brand as well. Corsair, GSkill, Crucial, Kingston, Samsung ect.
  5. one more thing i want to ask is that does bios setting affects working of ram...it was set on 667 mhz i changed it on 800 mhz but it didnt work...i red somewhere that u have to change the voltage too...do i have to change the voltage...and the default is 1.80 volt
  6. What is the listed voltage for the stick that does not work? DDR2 can be from 1.8v to 2.1v. If it was going to work it probably would have worked at 667 though.
  7. thankx buddy i will check in my friends pc..if ram works or not....then i will go to the shop for replacement...
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