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I'm having a hard time coming up with an idea on how to power the MOBO. I want to use the NES power/reset buttons but have come into a problem. On the MOBO there is only 1 place where I can put a power button and only 1 place I can put a reset button but on the power/reset switches that come with the NES, there are 2 wires for each button. In the video I describe my problem in more detail and hopefully fully explain what's going on. The picture is the layout of where the power options are on the MOBO and I've listed links of the MOBO and power supply. If anyone can help me that would be fantastic! Thanks a lot for taking the time to look!

Matt [MOBO] [Power Supply] [MOBO panel photo] only way to link the photo since I cannot upload photos into Tom's Hardware. Sorry for those who don't have a Facebook!
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  1. Hi,
    Not sure if I've correctly understood the issue.
    However, you can use front panel extensions cables and connect the pwr and gnd wires from the buttons to the corresponding pwr and gnd pins from th board's system panel header.
    Same for reset.
    The pinout for the header is in the manual:
    Hope this helps.
  2. My problem is I have no way to start the MOBO because the power/reset button won't fit on the 9-pin MOBO power/reset/LED slot. I was thinking I need to desolder the 9-pin slot on the MOBO and solder the wires of the power/reset buttons of the NES onto the corresponding parts of the MOBO. My questions for this, will it work or will I be ruining my MOBO?

    I see the front panel extenstion cables but do I need those? I'm kinda confused on how everything would work that way.

    Basically I have a power switch (the NES power/reset buttons) and a 9-pin slot to plug in the power/reset button BUT the way the cables are set-up they will not fit on the slot unless I take the 9-pin slot out and solder the NES power/reset button into where the 9-pin slot was. Does this help clarify my issue?

  3. If using the extension cables you would not need to desolder the connector from the motherboard.
    Supposing the male connectors from the extension cables would not fit the female from the power/reset switches. You can remove the power/reset connector and simply solder the wires.
  4. Can I just desolder the pin from the motherboard and solder on the NES power/reset switch? I'm still trying to understand the point of the extension cables, sorry for my stupidity.

  5. Sorry, I'm not native speaker and maybe I haven't made myself clear, or maybe I haven't got your point. Would you like to put those buttons directly on the motherboard, or fix them on a chassis and connect the wires from the buttons to the board header?
  6. It's alright. I think we are both misunderstanding each other. Haha. I really appreciate your help in this. My concern is to use the NES power/reset buttons to turn the computer on and off, however I do that. The buttons would be on the outside of the case, just like any normal power button on a desk tower. I am not sure how to do that though.

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    Then those extension cables would help you.
    They have a female connector that you can plug into the PWR and GND pins to the motherboard header.
    At the other end there are 2 wires with two male connectors.
    Now. you either plug these male connectors into the NES connector, to the corresponding ends, or you remove that NES connector and simply solder together the wires (the ones from the NES connector with those from the motherboard header). It's better that desoldering the header from the motherboard.
  8. I think I finally understand what you're saying.

    Using the extension cables, I can plug the male part into the NES power/reset button. Then use the female part of the extension cables and plug them into the motherboard.
    If the male part of the extension cable does not fit the NES power/reset button then I will have to solder the wires of the NES power/reset button onto the male part of the extension cables.

    Is that right? Thanks again.

  9. Yes, that's what I meant. I hope it will work.
    You can either solder the wires of the NES power/reset button onto the male part of the extension cables or cut the male part and solder wire to wire.
  10. Okay I will try that. Thanks so much for your help.
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