Mobo's dead. upgrade to 2011 socket or go i7? or keep phenom 965?

my build was a x4 965 jn
rog formula 4 mobo
sapphire 5770 1 gig
4 gigs 1333 mhz ddr3
single hdd for boot and storage
corsair 850w psu

my motherboard is dead hence the question :)

my question is can the new 2011 socket motherboards accept a cpu like the i7 2600k or 2700k?
should i get a new motherboard for my phenom 965 and ride it out?

appart from my drives im going to get an ssd for better boot and responsive times but my point of this post is to see what should i do with my current cpu with the current state of intels new socket coming to light *s2011*

a) keep my x4 965 and get a new motherboard?
b)get an i7 and 1155 socket motherboard?

or if possible c) get a socket 2011 mobo and an i7 2700k (if compatible).

i mainly use my pc for gaming fyi.
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  1. i say get a used am3 mobo from ebay for cheap and buy new when ivybridge comes out. its like two months away maybe as much as 4 months.

    you can get a socket 1155 mobo and except for your cpu all your components are compatible but dont get the 2700k. for gaming its a HUGE waste of money. the 2500k does 98% as good. for nearly half the money.
  2. Gigabyte's CPU support list for their 2011 mobo GA-X79-UD7 is very short: Core i7-3930K and Core i7-3960X. (The CPU has to be a 3xxx series, so the 2700k is out.) Those are insanely expensive chips, but if you can afford them, go for it. The mobo ain't cheap, either. You'll need memory, too.

    I'd get a cheap AMD mobo and ride it out.
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